The largest conservation themed convention ever organized for the aquarium hobby in North America will take place November 4th - 6th 2011 at the Airport Doubletree Hotel in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.

What is FOTAS?

The Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies (FOTAS) is a collection of aquatic organizations based throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Annual conventions rotate among the member organizations and have been held annually since 1953. In 2011, the Hill Country Cichlid Club, based in south central Texas, will host FOTAS for a second time.

What is CARES?

An acronym for Conservation, Awareness, Recognition and Responsibility, Education and Encouragement, Support and Sharing, CARES is a hobbyist based organization. It was initially formed to promote the creation of a solid base stock of conservation priority species within the collective tanks of hobbyists. Since formulation of this concept, CARES has spread into the U.S. school system as well as worldwide projects such as the rebuilding of the Kenyan Marine and Fisheries Institute in Kisumu, Kenya. With hundreds of colonies registered and many success stories, CARES gives threatened fish a fighting chance for survival. On the 7th anniversary of this organization, we celebrate with a gathering of like-minded scientists, conservationists, and hobbyists.

The Hill Country Cichlid Club, together with the Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies, the Oklahoma Aquarium Association, and USA Fish Box are supporters and participants in CARES. FOTAS CARES!

We have assembled a stellar lineup of speakers including:

  • Ad Konings
  • Paul V. Loiselle
  • Melanie Stiassny
  • Kathy England
  • Charles Jones

Babes in the Cichlid Hobby

The ‘Babes’ will be in attendance continuing their incredible tradition of funding efforts in areas of cichlid conservation.

Rare Fish Availability

The largest gathering of CARES species will be available for sale in the main CARES room. For those wishing to sell fish, rental tanks will be available and must be purchased in advance. For more information and to reserve the aquariums you require, contact Dan Schacht.

For up to date information on FOTAS CARES, stop by and visit the forum at www.hillcountrycichlidclub.com.